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A Little Leaven….

By Doc Weeter | May 27, 2007

Candida’s far reaching effects should come of no surprise to us because the Word of God tells us that a little leaven (yeast) leaveneth the whole lump (Galatians 5:9). 

It’s no wonder to us then that candida (yeast) can affect the whole body because we don’t have to be ignorant of the enemy’s tactics when we have the Word to tell us about them!

There are a lot of scriptures that you can stand on for deliverance from candida infections but I want to focus on just three or four.   A couple of them will definitely be familiar to you as they follow along the same theme as past posts on THE BLESSING!

Our heavenly Father has provided the answer to everything that we need!  There is nothing that can come along and give us problems that He is going to say, “Oh, man!  I never saw that one coming.  I wish I would have provided something for that but it just snuck up on Me!” 

No, no, no! A thousand times no!

The Bible says that He knew us since before the foundation of the world and that His thoughts are only for our peace and for an expected, hopeful future!

So, click on the audio link and we’ll see some scriptures that we can sink our faith into, then you can see about doing some cooresponding action (perhaps what I talk about in the health tips section) so that our faith is alive and active!  Remember, it’s not what you hear or just think about that works but what you actually DO!

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