About the Site: My goal for this site is to provide you with health tips which are updated weekly.  In an attempt to make the site more interactive and interesting, I have text and audio clips for you to listen to and will hopefully have video in the months to come!  These tips will be on various topics ranging from different types of treatments to the mental aspects of health.  I am presenting things that you can put into practice immediately in your life in order to improve your health right away.

In addition to the “technical” part of the site, I am also including a Biblical section as well because there really is no conflict between real science and the Bible.  So, for those of you who are interested in the “why’s” behind the health tips, this section will be for you!  This section will delve into scripture and perhaps provide some answers to questions you may have had for a long time as well shed light on some things you may not even have know you had questions about! 

Dr. David Weeter was born in Oil City, PA, just north of Pittsburgh and is still a Steeler’s fan!  His family traveled extensively with his father’s job and therefore he was home schooled.  Home schooling can be a great thing as he began attending John Brown University for his pre-med degree at the age of sixteen and was included in the college’s honors program.  There he met the love of his life, Dr. Lynn, and a brilliant partnership was born both in life and in their love of helping people.  They were married in 1989 and continued their education together at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.  Upon graduating, Dr David received his Doctor of Chiropractic and Bachelor ofMrs Doc Science degrees.

Dr. David worked as an associate doctor in the Fort Worth area for a couple of years before starting Cornerstone Chiropractic. Through continuing education, Dr David joined just a small percentage of doctors who are nationally certified in The Cox® Technique: a spinal decompression technique specializing in disc herniation problems.   These days Dr. David travels extensively with a local ministry performing chiropractic services, as well as assisting in the ministry, as he is also a licensed minister. In addition to that, he stays busy publishing books, appearing on television programs and educating people through various speaking engagements. When he is in town, he is in the office by appointment only providing consultations and second opinions on particularly difficult or challenging cases. He is also currently involved with helping others understand the Biblical approach to health and healing.


But the MOST important thing in Dr. David’s life right now is his family!! Drs David and Lynn have two marvelous children. Ryan is a very active and loving boy who is 8 years old and “all boy!”  Niki is three years old and truly enjoys being daddy’s little princess! Dr. David considers himself extremely blessed to be able to spend nikimuch more time being involved in their Doc and Ryanlives than the average dad!