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Enjoy Your Food

By Doc Weeter | March 25, 2007

You know, the Bible really can be used as a manual for life if you just put it into action! Every part of life is addressed in the Word of God and ,if you live your life by it, you’ll have the most enjoyable life you can imagine! A good friend of mine who is a full time minister once said, “If you’re born again and you’re not enjoying life, you’re not doing it right!” and that is so true. The Bible says in I Timothy 6:17 that God has given us richly ALL things to enjoy. That doesn’t leave one thing out right down to and including our food and diet. Come on along and listen to the audio clip for this week and find out not only some things that the Bible has to say about nutrition but also how to enjoy the food that you need to eat in order to enjoy good health!!

Join me next week to see what the Bible has to say about joy!  Joy and laughter have very powerful effects on your health and we’ll see why next week.  Until then, have a GREAT WEEK!!

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