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Low Level Laser Therapy

By Doc Weeter | April 9, 2007

With FDA approval and more than 30 years of research, low level laser therapy may soon become a front-line treatment option for doctors who are looking to not only relieve patient’s pain but also accelerate injury healing.  Laser therapy has been used world wide to treat well over 100 different conditions!  Some of the conditions that respond the best to LLT are sprains/strains, carpal tunnel syndrome, swelling and inflammation in joints, wounds and burns, muscle spasms, low back and neck pain and various knee and elbow pains!

Dr. Anton Mester, a Hungarian physician, first noticed the tissue healing effects of low level laser irradiation while trying to use a laser to treat cancer tumors back in 1967 so this is really the 30 year anniversary of this therapy!  Since that time, low level laser therapy has been researched around the world with more than 2500 published articles concerning its effects.

In our own practice, we have seen some remarkable results with the laser in both pain reduction and accelerated healing of tissues ranging from sprained ligaments, strained muscles, and bruises, all the way up to and including herniated and sequestrated discs.  As we specialize in herniated disc treatment, we have used LLT extensively in this area and seen dramatic results!

Click on the audio link below to hear some research on LLT as well as some results that we’ve had in our own clinic!

As always, feel free to contact me at doc@docweeter.com with any questions or comments as I value your input and you may just hear the answer to you question on one of my weekly “health hints!”  Oh, and don’t forget to check back next week to get the scoop on spinal decompression therapy!


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