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Negative Stress is a Wicked Thing!

By Doc Weeter | April 22, 2007

Do you know what the word “wicked” means?  According to Webster’s 1828 edition, one of the meanings is to “turn or wind.”  You know, like to twist, as in wicker furniture!  Since the devil can’t invent or create anything, he twists things that God has created to “turn” them from good to evil, from something beneficial to something detrimental.  Well, that’s what he’s done with stress.

 “Stress” was intended to be a good thing!  As a matter of fact, there is good stress today!  When your mind is actively learning a new thing that you are excited about and interested in (take your favorite hobby for instance), you are as happy as can be, your mind is just working all the time searching out more information about that subject, running through different scenarios concerning ways to implement things you are learning about it, etc. 

But, when your mind is actively working to figure out what all can possibly go wrong, what new ways you can worry about something and trying to figure out all the different ways you need to protect yourself from being hurt, insulted, stolen from or whatever then the process that God intended to help you has successfully been “twisted” into a wicked thing and it has the corresponding effects in the health of your body.

Let’s look at what the Word says about it and how we can fix it!  Click the audio button below and let’s go!

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