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By Doc Weeter | June 4, 2007

Let’s talk this week about a health topic that almost everybody knows because almost everybody either has this or knows someone that does.

Osteoporosis.  Or, a lesser degree of bone loss, osteopenia.

This condition of bone demineralization affects many thousands of people each year and yet in many, many cases it is very preventable and it is even reversible in most cases. 

You didn’t know that?! 

I’m not too surprised because the process doesn’t involve drugs!  There is a law in physiology called Wolf’s law which basically states that if you put stress on a bone, it will lay down more bone. 

This law is so basic and simple and if put to work it will greatly benefit those suffering from the multitude of affects stemming from osteoporosis.

So, let’s talk about how you can put that law to work for you.  The application is exceedingly simple.  Click on the audio link below and let’s get started…

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