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Real Joy!

By Doc Weeter | April 1, 2007

Joy is such an underestimated, underutilized force in most Christian’s lives!  Yet joy, specifically the joy of the Lord, is our very strength!  Real joy, not happiness, but real spiritual joy is not based at all on how you feel, or what your circumstances are, or what is going on around you.  Real joy has to do with what God has already done for you and it has to do with your relationship with him!  For one thing, you can rest assured that with joy in your life (and a real relationship with Him, not just a religious relationship) your circumstances and the things going on around you will have to change!

Then, the next time someone comes up to you and asks you how you’re doing, you don’t have to say, “I guess ok under the circumstances!”  You don’t have to be UNDER the circumstances, you can be riding high above them on the “cloud nine” of joy!!

Click on the audio link below and let’s look at some scripture and see what the Bible has to say about joy and how to operate it in your life and what kind of affect it will have on your health.  You may be surprised!!

And don’t forget to keep checking back for updated tips and knowledge not to mention to check out the updates to the  site itself!  We have some exciting things coming up in the weeks and months to come so bookmark this site, add it to your “favorites”, do whatever you need to to keep up to date!

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