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The Divine Nature

By Doc Weeter | March 18, 2007

In health, as well as in life, there really are “cause and effect” scenarios. Things don’t just happen and there are key issues to things that can not be totally explained in mere medical and scientific terms. This section addresses the Biblical aspects of health as related to the weekly subject matter in the “Health Hints” segment of the site. So, for those of you who are interested in delving a little deeper into the “why’s and how’s” of life and health, this section may well prove to be of greater use to you than the “Health Hints” section. Come along and we will not only see Biblical principles relating to health but we will discuss how to put these principles and promises to work to bring about the changes that we need in our lives and health. As we see in II Peter 1:4, it is by these exceeding great and precious promises that that we are made to be partakers of the very nature of God! I understand that He is an extremely healthy individual!!

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