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The Frustration of the Fat!

By Doc Weeter | May 7, 2007

If you have been overweight for any length of time at all, then you know the frustration of having everyone tell you that it is all your fault.  If you were just a better person, if you just had more will power, if you would just get up off of your rear end and exercise and not eat like a pig then you would be thin and healthy!!  Ever hear that before?!  Well, take heart and cheer up!  Even if some of that is true (and it may or may not be), this protocol can correct it for the rest of your life.  The following is an excerpt out of Dr. A.T.W. Simeons’ book that contains this weight loss protocol,

“As a basis for our discussion we postulate that obesity in all its many forms is due to an abnormal functioning of some part of the body, and that every ounce of abnormally accumulated fat is always the result of the same disorder of certain regulatory mechanisms. Persons suffering from this particular disorder will get fat regardless of whether they eat excessively, normally or less than normal. A person who is free of the disorder will never get fat, even if he frequently overeats.Those in whom the disorder is severe will accumulate fat very rapidly, those in whom it is moderate will gradually increase in weight and those in whom it is mild may be able to keep their excess-weight stationary for long periods, in all these cases a loss of weight brought about by dieting, treatments with thyroid, appetite-reducing drugs, laxatives, violent exercise, massage, baths is only temporary and will be rapidly regained as soon as the reducing regimen is relaxed. The reason is simply that none of these measures corrects the basic disorder.”

What you WILL find however is that THIS protocol CAN correct the disorder if it’s done correctly!  So, if you haven’t ordered the book by Kevin Trudeau for which I have provided the link, please do so today and get started on a whole new life.

Now, normally this is where I would tell you to “Click on the audio link below and I’ll tell you more about it!” but that is not going to be the case this week!  I’ve been working hours a day trying to get information concerning this weight loss protocol on The Weight Solution website (www.hcgweightsolution.com) or just click on the link to your left.  Well, even as I’m writing this, I am at the airport waiting to depart for Rome, Italy and let me tell you what happened.  I went to pack for the trip  and realized that there was room for two of me in my dress clothes!! 

I guess losing 75 lbs. has that effect on you! 

Anyway, I had to race out and get outfits to take this trip in and so did not have the time to prepare the audio clip to go along with this text.  I will be adding audio to this post sometime during the week so keep checking back!  In the meantime, please go look at the Weight Solution site as we have added a lot of information and resources and it is constantly changing.  Talk with you again soon!


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