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Toxic Lives

By Doc Weeter | November 11, 2007

Our lives, or I should say the lives of most Americans, are becoming more and more toxic.  Some of us are taking steps to remedy that trend in our own lives but you definitely have to make an effort to do so!  It’s like a fish swimming upstream!  It used to be just the “health nuts” that were concerned with toxins and reducing them in our lives but guess what – the “health nuts” were right!

Just for one example, check out this artcle from cnn: “High Levels of Toxins”

And that’s just one out of an ever increasing bulk of information, studies and research all pointing to the fact that the level of toxins in our lives is becoming very unacceptable and, in some cases, lethal!

What can you do to fix the situation? Well, the answer to that would take many websites (and they’re out there) to discuss but you can find a good, general detoxification program coming soon to this website!  A great way to get started is right HERE!

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