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What type of Exercise is the Best?!

By Doc Weeter | June 11, 2008


The very short, very over-simplified answer to that questions is: the exercise that you enjoy!

I talk more about what we believe is the best overall type of exercise (and it’s not aerobic by the way) on the Phase Four page but in this post I am not even talking necessarily about “type” of exercise from the stanpoint of physiology. People can debate all day long on aerobic exercise vs. anaerobic exercise; high intensity workouts vs. low intensity workouts; long duration workouts vs. short duration workouts, and on and on but one thing is for certain – unless you are just committed to a life of drudgery, you will not keep doing any exercise consistently that you do not enjoy!

And you will certainly not get very much benefit from the exercise that you are NOT doing, no matter how long, short, intense or gentle that it is!

For those people going through the entire wellness protocol with us who have experienced frustration trying to lose weight before by doing exercise, I recommend that they just completely STOP exercising until we get the weight off and the body reset so that it will actually respond to the exercise that you do!! A little personal testimony: When I weighed 265, I was walking a 5K every single day on the treadmill trying to lose weight and eating about 1500 – 2000 calories a day for quite a long time and didn’t lose one miserable pound! You know, after you do that type of thing for years and years, it gets very, very frustrating!!

Especially when you are a doctor and you are doing everything that you have been trained and taught will work and it’s NOT WORKING!

So, when we found this wellness protocol and began researching it by doing it, I quit exercising completely (except for just daily activities) for two reasons. Number one, I wanted to see if it would work for someone in a wheel chair and couldn’t exercise as easily and; number two, I was very tired of exercising and not seeing any results and wanted to really put this system to the test.

Long story short, I didn’t work out for over a year and lost 110 pounds and reset my body through the wellness prtocol that we now offer in our office and is contained on this website.

THEN, I decided to start working out but I was so excited about it and my new life in general that I didn’t want to just get on a treadmill and walk my new life away! So, I looked around to see what I could do for a hobby that was active and fun!

 In my particular situation, I have always enjoyed studying about different martial arts and fighting techniques, etc. and there was one particular type that I had wanted to study for about 15 years but there were only 3 places in the United States that taught the original, un-Americanized, un-diluted form that is commonly taught in the US. Two were in California and one was in Washington state and none of them were particularly easy to get to on a regular basis from Texas!

Well, low and behold, the originators of the technique opened a studio right here in Saginaw, Texas of all places! Five minutes from my house! Wow! Lynn and I jumped on this opportunity in a heart beat and began attending classes.


When I completed the weight loss portion of the wellness protocol, I weighed 155 and was 13% body fat which was what I was when we began the class. After two weeks in the class, I had GAINED 5 pounds of weight BUT had gone down 4% body fat!!!!! My body was responding to exercise for the first time in I don’t know how long! And I was having a blast at the same time! I have gained a total of 10 pounds at the time of this writing but am at 9% body fat which means the weight that I have gained is pure muscle. Now that’s the kind of weight I don’t mind gaining!!

My whole point to this is find something to do that you WANT to do that is active and THAT is the best exercise for YOU to do!!

If your body isn’t responding to exercise, come see us and we can help you fix that if you qualify to do the protocol! If you find something that you WANT to do, then you will have multiple benefits. You will have a stress reliever, exercise, a hobby, acquire new skills, etc. AND you will keep doing it so the benefits will continue! So, go mountain biking, hiking, hunting, back packing or go learn a self defense or martial arts technique!!

By the way, just in case you were wondering, the technique that I am referring to is the tactical system called Krav Maga that was developed by Imrich Sde-Or (Lichtenfeld) and is the system that the Israeli Defense Forces (and particularly their elite, tactical units) use in combat. In my opinion, after years and years of research, it is the best defense system available anywhere in the world today and PLEASE don’t be fooled by watered down imitations.

If you are interested in learning, please go to the effort of learning from the best and the originators of the system. You know, the manufacturer of an automobile is usually the most knowledgeable source of information about that automobile because they designed and manufactured it! Well, it’s the same with this – if you are going to learn the most about it, go to THE SOURCE!! You can find out more about the original Krav Maga system HERE  For more “before and after” pictures, click HERE

Have a good day and hey, have some fun today!

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